Xaare Aasu - an Assamese music video by Jim Ankan Deka featuring Queen Hazarika

Xaare Aasu - Jim Ankan Deka ft. Queen Hazarika

Xaare Aasu (সাৰে আ্ছো) - is Jim Ankan Deka's third Assamese music video. The song features
Assamese singer Queen Hazarika. The video is directed by Parmita Borah. The song will be released online in May, 2015.

The song is produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, Bangalore. The lyrics of the single is penned together by writer Bhabananda Deka, poet Nalini Prava Deka and Jim.

Xaare Aasu is powered by Music Malt and presented by Chai Tunes.

Jim Ankan Deka and Queen Hazarika
Jim Ankan Deka and Queen Hazarika
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  1. Wow ! Nice Jim ! Another feat ! All good wishes for the Album. Keep me posted when its released.