Uber and Ola Cabs in Bangalore - there's still hope!

Taxicab apps on a Samsung Smartphone

Some time back I wrote about my rendezvous with Meru, Taxi For Sure and other Taxicab services in Bangalore. I almost lost hope. But then, after two incidents, I regained my trust in Bangalore taxicabs, although believing in the honesty and reliability of a taxicab service in Bangalore is somewhat chucklesome.
Ola Cabs
I went to a late night party at a friend's place which was almost close to 25 kms from my place. And by the time we finished few bottles of 'happy water', it was almost 1 AM. And to catch an auto was out of question as I had to walk through the lonely roads for 15 mins before I could reach the main road. I am somewhat afraid of darkness. So, my friend asked me to call Ola Cabs. I first denied and tried calling Taxi For Sure giving into my regular habit. As usual, they 'didn't have a taxi for sure.' Hence I had to call Ola after browsing through the net for their number. It took just couple of seconds before a very professional voice picked up. I told about my destination and pick-up location, and even before I was ready to be disappointed, I was told that the cab will reach within 15 mins to pick me up. I reached home without any hassle paying much lesser than what an auto driver would have asked for. I am still very much obliged to their service and behavior for that night. I now sometimes book Ola cabs through their android app. One can enjoy an 'Ola ride with no cash payment hassle.' S/he can use Ola Money service to pay using credit or debit card. What's more? One can book autos through the app too. I am yet to try that out.

On another occasion I was reading some news materials posted by my Facebook friends, and one of those captured my attention. It was about Uber cabs with their lucrative discount coupon. Before this I had no idea about booking a cab using only mobile application. Uber works in a different way. One has to first download the Uber app from the Android or Apple App Stores, create a profile and add money to the wallet in the denominations of Rs 200, Rs 500 or Rs 1000. Then setting up the pick-up location, s/he can choose from a UberGo, UberX or UberBlack car and request it. I did that for the first time and my car reached my doorstep in 8 mins. Infact one can track her/his car on the app with the help of GPS, which I felt was very helpful.

So far only in one or two occasions both the services disappointed me. But I still prefer both Uber and Ola Cabs to any other taxicab services in Bangalore. If you are moderately hurry, you can try one of these services. 
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