Nixobdo Nilim - our new Assamese music video

Nixobdo Nilim (Assamese song) by Jim Ankan Deka

The tune hit me the moment we landed in Gokarna. A pristine region in Karnataka, Gokarna lies very close to Goa. But it's far away from the touristy haste and hooey. The stochasticity of the beaches and the surrounding scenario refresh the mind and the soul. Hence, it's easy to fall in love with everything that's around.
A dancer on Om Beach, Gokarna (photo - Jim Ankan Deka)
A dancer on Om Beach, Gokarna (photo - Jim Ankan Deka)

Nixobdo Nilim means Silent Horizon. And that's what I found while sitting on the beaches of Gokarna.
That's what I have seen people doing there - just looking into the horizon; and (probably) keenly relishing the fragrance of the distant dark-crested rocks. We were four friends and shot each others fun moments with our video camera without any script or storyboard.

Parmita Borah, Antara Baruah and Jim Ankan Deka - while shooting for Nixobdo Nilim
Later used those videos for the song while writer Parmita Borah came up with a nice story for the song. While Antara Baruah acted as a beach and music loving damsel, our friend Mickey Bora took care of the logistics. And voila! Nixobdo Nilim was just a simple task.

Recorded and edited at Eastern Fare Music Studio in Bangalore, the song is available for download at

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