Pork, Naga pork and pork chops in Bangalore

When I landed in Bangalore in 2006, the first thing I noticed was inaccessibility of restaurants or food joints serving pork items. I had always been a die hard fan of meat - specially pork. And it became more important for me to search for an eatery that has excellent 'pork' service than a job or a cot with roof.

It took me almost six years before I could make a list of handful of eating joints where one can get an impressive menu of pork dishes. I got the taste of Naga pork (pork from Nagaland), Chinese pork, Thai pork (pork from Thailand), Italian pork and pork momos.

Below are few joints where one can get hold of these. This is to help people who come mainly from North-East India to Bangalore in search of job. They would rather spend (waste) their time searching for work and a structure that provides privacy than pork.

The Naga Kitchen (Try smoked pork with bamboo shoot or smoked pork thali)
112, 6th Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
- 080 41670975
26, A.V.S. Arcade, 3rd Floor, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore - 9731039856
Hunan (Try pork spare ribs in barbeque style and roast chilli pork)
123, 1st Floor, KHB Colony, Opposite California Pizza Kitchen, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
080 25520154
Spaghetti Kitchen and Bar (Try BBQ pork spareribs)
1, SJR Primus, 1st Floor, Adjacent To Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore
080 41160500, 080 40990500
Pecos (Try pork pepper dry, chilli pork, garlic pork and fried pork)
Brigade Road
34, Resthouse Road, Brigade Road, Bangalore
080 25586047
Smoke House Deli (Try orange-glazed pork chops and pork steak)
1209, Opposite Staples, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
080 25200899
Zingron (Try pork momo or smoked pork ribs)
Solitaire, 62, 2nd Floor, 1st A Main, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
080 40997506, +91 9483414002
Coconut Grove (Try panni varuthathu - fried pork)
MG Road
86, Spencers Building, Church Street, MG Road Area, Bangalore
080 25596262
Cilantro, Halcyon (Try pork chop on Sunday brunch near the swimming pool)
No. 9, Drafadilla Layout, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
080 40894999
The Chinese Cottage (Try roasted chilli pork dry)
111, 6th Cross, Next To Kubay Restaurant, Koramangala Club Road, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
080 41627879, +91 9972947488
(Disclaimer : If I missed a name, that is totally unintentional. Do invite me for breakfast, lunch, brunch, supper or dinner, and if I love your food, will definitely mention the name here.
Smoked pork, Naga Pork (photo - Jim Ankan Deka)
Naga Smoked Pork (photo - Jim Ankan Deka)
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  1. Every restuarants are near kormangala.....

    eifhale ebar sabo :(

  2. Mentioned two restaurants in MG Road and Kammanahalli. And this is the list of the joints I liked the most. There are more places.

  3. I like the coorgi pork at Windsor Pub, Near the Cantt. Railway Station as well ..just to add to the list.. Cheers :)

  4. nice! I think I should visit Naga Kitchen, hearing about this from sometime.

  5. Yi Moi in HRBR 1st block near kammanhalli.. Fr Chinese pork..

    1. Yet to try that. Thanks for the info.

  6. Nice selection...thought I'd mention a few that you may have missed -

    1) The pork ribs at Hard Rock Cafe on St Marks Road & at TGIF on MG Road & Bannerghatta Road

    2) Mangalorean pork dishes, including the famous sorpotel, at Mangalore Pearl on Coles Road in Frazer Town

    3) The delectable Coorgi Pork (Pandi Curry) at Wild Spice in the basement at the Museum Road / Residency Road junction, very easy to miss

    4) Millers Forty Six Steak House on Millers Road, Benson Town

    5) Woodstok at Indiranagar

    6) Sunnys at Lavelle Road & Indiranagar

    7) For a delicious pork meal in an almost 'hole in the wall', try Aradhna on Bannerghatta Main Road, next to Giria's, in the building next to Shopper's Stop

    8) Indiranagar has a host of places that serve great pork, including Cirrus, on 100 Ft Road, and Monkey Bar & I & Monkey, both on 12th Main

    9) Peking on Kammanahalli Main Road, for some great chinese style pork dishes

    10) Opus on Palace Cross Road & in Whitefield does some mean Goan pork dishes too

    Like Uddipan already mentioned, the Coorgi pork dishes at Windsor Pub in Vasanth Nagar, near Mount Carmel College is great too!

    Maybe time to revise the list Jim?

    1. Thanks Nestor. Will have to check now. SLURRRP!!


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