Small talk with 2Blue of Mumbai's Zedde

2Blue at a concert!! Really?? (Photo - Nilesh Agrawal)
Truly reminiscent of a rock star, his awe-inspiring stage presence is always met with thunderous applause and gorgeous ladies swarming around him like bees. And, despite being a lighthearted conversationalist, 2Blue, is a true blue musician with viable love and dedication towards music. Along with his Mumbai based band Zedde (one of India’s leading rock bands), 2Blue is committed to making original music that rocks the worlds of many.

2Blue talks to me about his band, Zedde, his upcoming album with the band, his connection with
North East India and his wacky name - '2Blue' or 'TuBlue' …

By the way, not many know him as Tirthankar Poddar!!

Click Here to read the interview.
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