Aawaz - speak up against sexual violence | Reception

Remo Fernandes (Musician, Goa) - "Hey Jim, truly great stuff! Congratulations to you, the band, the singers, the video makers, and of course the song writer/s! Power to you guys always!"

Sonam Sherpa (Guitarist of Parikrama, Delhi) - "Very good melody. Keep it up. Peace."

Mayukh Hazarika (Musician, Assam) - "Dear Jim, had the privilege to listen to your creation. To say the least, it is an extremely meaningful project. Lending your time to this shows your immense sense of responsibility. Musically the song is beautifully laced with heartfelt words and a most soothing tune. Do keep working on such projects."

Bidyut Kotoky (Film-maker, Assam) - "Quite enjoyed the song and video. Praiseworthy effort."

Danish Sait (RJ, Fever 104 FM, Bangalore) - "Look at what you've created ... It's magical ! I'm proud I know you cheers ... Loved your song, I like animation / the graffiti on the walls / the news clips in the start .. Good stuff!"

Nandu Bhende (Singer, Mumbai) - "Good work. Keep it up!"

Aawaz - speak up against sexual violence - DVD cover
Mardee Agen (Poet, USA) - "Wonderful production. Its difficult for me to be positive in my comments. Only because the message of the atrocities against such violence..But I must give you all a standing applause!! Outstanding editing.. I was certainly engaged through its entirety. Cant wait for the English version. ;-) (hint hint) Let Parmita know the camera loves her. Jim you are a natural.. BRAVO to all involved..!! God Bless you.... "

Ambar Das (Musician, Mumbai) - "Superb, love it..."

Bhagyajit Bhuyan (Photo-journalist, Delhi) - "Outstanding work guys, truly appreciate!"

Sudipta Kumar Gogoi (Musician, Hyderabad) - "Powerful and superb. Brings out the words very clearly. Lovely production from the house and kudos to the whole crew. Epic. Salute"

Meghna Nair - "It’s great to see how young and talented musician Jim Ankan Deka and his friends have made a noble use of music to communicate the message of rising against sexual crimes to the masses in India. When India is facing a surprising rise in sexual crimes and violence and many organisations are trying their best to raise awareness, the music album Aawaz is an innovative way of reaching out to the masses. Music is a wonderful way of touching peoples’ hearts. Not only is it touching, but also leaving behind a strong message against sexual violence."
(With reference to the article - ‘Voice Of Conscience’, Khaleej Times, July 19th, 2013.)

Shilpashree S (Bangalore) - "Hi Jim, Parmita, The song evokes emotion that is required to do something for change! Its awesome, thank you! :)"

Nishant Kumar (Singer, Patna) - "It's absolutely brilliant... wonderful production quality.. the message is loud and clear.. Kudos to the entire team..."

John Barry (California) - "Powerful intro and musically superb."

Mitali Sharma (Guwahati) - "Wish ur Aawaz will reach the deviants and the rate of rape will decrease"

Upasana Sonowal - "It's lovely....love the music, lyrics, video n theme...everything...no make up, glitz n glamour...it's not pseudo...it's very realistic...congratulations and well done :)"

Sujit Ojha - "I have heard a lot of song against protests but this one is amazing. Well done mew :)"

Jasmine Nongrum (Shillong) - "Great initiative and fantastic video.."

Jadu Saikia (Assam) - "Good work Jim. I am fan of Antara Nandy."

Swathi Bhaskaran - "Awesome friends...!!! good job... a good step ahead...!!!"

Hashan Hazarika - "Very nicely composed and pictured . you are are indeed able to convey the message you wanted to convey ! Take a bow Jim da !"

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