Things that I Observe... Or, 'My Rambling'!!

Bollywood Music will continue and endure just as long people hear it through their eyes instead of their ears and brains.
It seems these days people don't care much about music. What everyone likes are sounds. Which is good for people, like me, who want to create music using utensils.
People say my music is nice to hear - but from many kilometers away.
Sometimes when I practice my guitar, my wife would increase the volume of the TV. And then I would increase the volume of my guitar and we don't speak for 2 days. I just don't understand whether I was hurting her feelings or my guitar's?
If i don't play music I have nothing else to do. I can't cook or dance nor can I be a good house-husband. This is for all who ask me why I have chosen to be a musician.
My music is better than it sounds. Alas, no one believes it...!!
According to Igor Stravinsky 'A good composer does not imitate; he steals'. Is this the reason why so many Bollywood music directors are stealing music from others everyday?
Bollywood music used to be original. Now it's aboriginal.
To love someone who blames you for no reason shows that you have learned "the art of living". - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
Is this for husbands and boyfriends??
Friendship is precious 'cause it's a friendly relationship and one is not forced into it... it's a treasured choice!
When 1000 corrupt politicians die, one great nation takes birth.
Marriage is like cricket. You need to score every day. And if you don't, you can blame the other player and shout and get ‘booooed’ by neighbors.
I feel bad when people waste time. My wife asked me not to waste time by observing others
When Tendulkar gets out, they should not give ads. They should shut off the tv stations for a minute. After all everyone in India takes him to be God.
Went to a mall today with a 20 year old mind and attire. After walking for about 15 mins, the body made me realise that I have actually seen 32 summer seasons till now. ......Am I done running around damsels in the mall?
Why is it when a female is in the kitchen it takes so long for the milk pot to boil; even unwatched? But when a man does the same job, the pot boils immediately and the female gets a chance to blame the entire male species.
If you want to get an experience of eating in a very expensive place in India, prepare your food at home and eat in a 'petrol pump'!!!
So many 'social-networking' sites and we are stuck with Facebook. Is it because there is at-least one guaranteed 'comment' or 'like' for our every update or image we share?
Twitter is good when you have nothing better to do on facebook.
I get 50% discount offers from the mobile service providers. After taking it my bill becomes double. Reason?
When you join Facebook, does Facebook become famous because of you or you become famous because of Facebook?
We like to be poked in Facebook, but, not in real life. Reason?

Getting married. I am ready, but bride is not. She's looking for someone called 'groom'.
How can something be "Damn Good"; when 'damn' itself is opposite of 'good'??
After getting into a 'serious' relationship, your ex-girlfriend turns into Godzilla. You are afraid to go near her, but, still want to see more of her.
Isn't Birthday mean getting close to death? Then why the celebration??
Every person has done something wrong in her/his life. Then why does s/he laugh or look disgustedly at the person who does the same?
Why do we need extra attention and popularity when we are already getting them from Credit-Card Agencies, Insurance Agencies, Call Centres and Beggars??
Why do we say 'trust me' sometimes when we are sure of our honesty? Or is it 'honestly being dishonest'?
I am living my life. Does 'life' like living with me? ...confusing!!
(© Jim Ankan)
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