Independence Awakening!

Independence Awakening (Instrumental) (2011) by Jim Ankan

After the completion of my documentary project on Nagaland (a state of North-East India) called "Nagaland, Journey Through the Choir of Clouds" in July, I came to a point where I was feeling little lazy to do anything. Suddenly it was August and a thought struck me. I have never created any patriotic song or music. As August 15 is celebrated as the 'Independence Day of India', I went on creating my first song inspired by my love for my country on Aug 14 for the occasion of Independence Day celebration. I call it the 'Independence Awakening' as it is an awakening call for me after a long break since I brought into existence my last song.

It is a simple tune that I composed and merged with the 'National Anthem' of India and recorded at Eastern Fare Music Studio in Koramangala, Bangalore. Instruments used - Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Djembe, Ride and Ambiance Sounds.

Thanks to India, 'Independence Awakening' got me back into doing something that I like doing most - 'making music'. The track is dedicated to our mother, India.
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