Slums of Slumdog Millionaire

This is not a review about the movie. Nor this is about the Oscars. Thre's no denial that Slumdog Millionaire is unimpeachably an fantabulous crowd pleasing movie, its narration and technical excellency being its added advantage.

But what I want to talk about is "Who are the real Slumdogs here??" From the different
circumstances I would like to believe that Mr Rahman or Anil Kapoor are the real "Slumdogs". They couldn't suppress their "Monkey Nature" when the film was nominated for the Oscars. Infact Anil Kapoor was behaving like a 'CHILD' when he was talking bout his 'Armani'. (Every Tom, Dick and Harry wear Armani in Oscars). He did nothing in and for the film.

The film was tremendously wonderful for people to watch because of the natural acting by Azharudin Mohammed Ismail, Rubina Ali and other actors. Ofcourse including Dev Patel (i suppose he's the next Big Thing), Freida Pinto, (Natural) Irfan Khan and Saurabh Shukla.

I feel bad for Sukhwinder. He's the singer for 'Jay Ho'. I mean, when 'Titanic' was nominated for the oscars, more than the music director James Horner, Celine Dion got popularity as the Vocalist. That is the work of a Music Director. He needs to show to the world that he's the 'Director' and how he managed to help a 'not very popular' Singer to become world's top artist for the year. And here, our very own Music Director is trying to steal the show from his own 'Singer', when, he was supposed to let Sukhwinder sing it live in the Oscars. (If he wanted he could have stood on the stage for his pleasure.)

All these people like Anil Kapoor or A.R.Rahman probably are going through their 'Mid-Life Crisis'. May God give them the wisdom to come out of these crisis.

My last question here is will child artists like Azharudin Mohammed Ismail and Rubina Ali (and the other child artists), with their widely appreciated talent, ever have a promised future? Why is it that even after Slumdog has grossed millions of cash, the families of these actors are still leading a necessitous life in make-shift homes? No one is asking Boyle or Christian Colson (the producer) to raise kids in India. But being part of cast they do deserve their pay cheques and not just once in a life time trips to Disney land, don't they?
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