Violent Death – the only solution

Blast in Assam, 30th Oct, 08’ - 77 people died

Anger in Maharashtra – No limit

Blast in Delhi, Bangalore 13 Sep – 40 people died…

This is not the beginning, nor the end. It will carry on for ever. Are we going to rejoice?? Or are we going to retaliate?? What was the person thinking, when he put the ‘Bomb’ in the market with the only intention of ‘Mass Killing’, or the person who went and beat up a North Indian to death because of the provocation of some unknown personality who is looking for fame? What was he thinking after the blast? Was he saying to his fellow friends, “Wow!! Have you guys seen it?? It’s the biggest blast of this year, man. 77 people have died. Wish I could have done it little bigger and reached the 100 mark. No problem, there is always a next time. Hey; get me some Tea and Samosas!!!” or “Hey, I have killed a non Maharashtrian (or a non Indian) today. Will kill two tomorrow!! Let’s drink, eat and sleep!!”

Come on people; let us blame the government. And let us shout saying “We are Indians. We need security. We can’t give that to our families, relatives and fellow Indians. It’s your duty Mr.Government, to help us out”. Why do we need help to survive? Have we seen a dog asking for help ever? We say we are superior to dogs. I don’t believe it. Dogs can run faster, see further, hear better, have a better instinct and are the best Friends. We lack all of these. And we proclaim that we ‘human beings’ are the best of all.

Are these killers or ‘fundamental organizations’ thinking that their children would not get through any school if there are so many people around alive? Or, are they thinking that there will be a scarcity of food? If these are the intentions, than I agree with them and ready to die for their cause. That was the school of thought Idi Amin propagated, wasn’t it?

This certainly looks like an attempt to reduce the ever increasing size of Indian population, kudos to the fundamentalist groups for their perseverant efforts (as the efforts of these so-called revolutionaries help in doing nothing else). Death of millions by poverty, calamities and violence has become a routine… makes me just take a moment and wonder… aren’t we on the list too?

But somewhere down the horizon a thin line of hope seems to be visible. So what are the chances? Should we give into this fear and grief? Or should we stop blaming or depending on others for our own security and stand up for ourselves?

Jim Ankan

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